The Lobster Gangs of Maine (by James M. Acheson)

Author(s): James M. Acheson

Publisher: UPNE
Publish date: 1988-06-01
ISBN-10: 0874514517
ISBN-13: 9780874514513
Language: English
Description: James Acheson’s detailed account of lobstering in Maine quickly
dispels notions that the lobstermen is the eastern version of the
cowboy, struggling alone for survival against the elements. In
reality, he writes, “the lobster fisherman is caught up in a thick
and complex web of social relationships. Survival in the industry
depends as much on the ability to manipulate social relationships
as on technical skills.” Acheson replaces our romantic image of the
lobsterman with descriptions of the highly territorial and
hierarchical “harbor gangs,” daily and annual cycles of lobstering,
intricacies of marketing the catch, and the challenge of… more…

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