Stop Facebook from Spying on You…: And Other Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy

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The things you do on the Internet reveal more about you than you might realize. Much of our personal lives—including embarrassing remnants of the past, our spending habits, even our location at any given time—is available for corporations, the government, former spouses, our neighbors, scammers, stalkers and anyone else to uncover. You also might be unintentionally divulging matters you (or others) consider private—to friends…coworkers, clients and employers…marketing companies…and even to competitors, identity thieves and burglars. In STOP FACEBOOK FROM SPYING ON YOU…AND OTHER WAYS TO PROTECT YOUR ONLINE PRIVACY, the editors of Bottom Line/Personal have brought together the leading security experts in American to show you the vital steps to prevent invisible stalkers and online spies from invading your identity…protect your financial accounts…and safeguard your personal privacy. You’ll learn…

  • Six ways Facebook could be compromising your private information and what you can do about it.
  • The biggest password mistakes…and how to create the safest passwords possible.
  • Yes, you CAN block annoying Internet ads
  • Shrewd privacy defense when using Wi-Fi.
  • How to keep hackers out of your on-line accounts.
  • Retail stores are spying on you, too. Do this to find what info they have.
  • The ultimate security when someone hacks your e-mail address book.
  • The vital phone setting that protects against viruses when you download apps.
  • What to do about troubling information about you that you just can’t erase.
  • Simple browsing tricks that won’t allow websites or their advertisers to track your digital doings. One key: Click on the secret triangle!
  • How to protect yourself from “Friends’” postings that could harm your reputation.
  • Cloud storage is vulnerable, too. 4 ways to safeguard your backup. Don’t let them steal your photos, either!
  • Beware: Any e-mail sent through your employer’s computer network can be read by your boss—even if you send them from your personal tablet or smartphone. What you must do when sending a private e-mail or text from the workplace.
  • How to keep your movements, your purchases and your past private.
  • FBI officials can read messages that are more than six months old without a warrant. Two ways to prevent it.
  • The free service that stops those irritating robocalls from calling you.
  • The essential (and lifesaving!) steps to take now to avoid medical privacy problems later.
  • How to totally disappear when you need to evade a dangerous person who is trying to find you.

And much, much more.

Table of Contents

Six Ways Facebook Is Invading Your Privacy
Online Privacy and Theft Protection Q and A
How to Keep Your Movements, Your Purchases and Your Past Private
Beware of Invisible Stalkers
How to Stop Online Spies
This Tricky ID Scam Is Spreading
Cloud Hackers: Could They Steal Your Photos, Too?
Block Annoying Internet Ads
Best Privacy Defense When Using Wi-Fi
How Stores Are Spying on You
Protect Your Privacy at Work
Don’t Let the FBI Read Your E-Mail!
Ways to Block Unwanted Calls
How to Create the Best Password
The Safest Password Today
Take Charge of Your Medical Privacy
The Other Side of Health Privacy Laws

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