Node.js for .NET Developers (Developer Reference) (by David Gaynes)

Author(s): David Gaynes

Publisher: Microsoft Press
Publish date: 2015-04-11
ISBN-10: 0735662983
ISBN-13: 9780735662988
Language: English
Description: Build scalable, high-traffic websites and web applications with
For many .NET programmers, Node.js represents a new way to build
high-traffic websites and applications. Now there’s a practical,
concise introduction to Node.js specifically for Microsoft
developers. David Gaynes guides you through the entire Node.js
development process. Using Microsoft Visual Studio examples, he
addresses everything from setting up servers and authorization
through delivering rich CSS pages packed with graphics and
data-driven content. Gaynes clearly explains Node.js’s async model,
coding approach, request/response paradigm, site structure, data… more…

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