Master Internet and Computer Security

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master Internet and Computer Security shows you how to protect yourself from security threats to your computer and portable devices.

The book covers all the security threats you face including hackers, malicious software, privacy issues, portable device security, data loss, identity theft and scammers.

By taking the actions recommended in this book you will master your computer security needs and feel safer and more secure knowing that you are protected.

The topics covered in this book are suitable for both the home and work environments.

Personal computers as well as small business users need simple but effective systems that will protect them and their data without the expense of employing a computer specialist.

The biggest shift in computing in the last few years has been in the use of tablets and smartphones. Smartphones and tablets are miniature computers with as much computing power as desktop machines had a few years ago. This book addresses the security needs of these portable devices.

This book is for everybody who has concerns or fears about computer and internet security. Most people keep confidential, private and important information on their computers and portable devices. You would hate to lose your important information or have unauthorized people access confidential data.

Every time you go online you are at risk from your personal and private information being stolen and from cyber criminals wanting to profit from you.

This guide alerts you to the dangers that you face, and then shows you how to implement solutions to protect yourself.

You do not need to have advanced technical computer skills to be more secure. This book is suitable for all levels of computer expertise, from beginner to expert.

This guide includes instructions and screenshots for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Your personal computer contains valuable information including your treasured memories in the form of photo and videos. Your business computer contains confidential information; financial records, contacts, and marketing plans that you do not want your competitors or unauthorized members of your workforce to have access to.

This book was written to warn you of the dangers you face if you do not have a computer and internet security strategy.

Not all computer security is about cyber crime and hacking. Valuable data can be lost as a result of carelessness and accidents Laptops for example, can fail if liquids are spilt on them or they are dropped. The book tells you how to deal with these unfortunate situations.

Master Internet and Computer Security shows you all the strategies you need to protect yourself, your family and your business; and you do not need to be a technical wizard to take the necessary steps to defend yourself

Table of Contents

Why I wrote this book
Who should read this book
About the author
What are the main threats?
Control Panel and Preferences
Data loss and what to do about it
Back up
Auto run
Wireless security
Passwords and user names
Malicious software
System repair
Fake Anti-Virus
Browser hacking
Browser privacy
Protecting Children
Scams and spammers
Identity theft
Folder and file sharing
Wireless Hotspots
Online shopping
Updating operating systems and other programs
Tablets and smartphones
Data theft from high profile companies
Website security
Security check list for PC and Mac computers
Security checklist for mobile devices
Keep in touch

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  • Pages: 113 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2015-03-12
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: B00UNNYBD6

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