A Smarter Way to Learn HTML & CSS

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The ultimate learn-by-doing approach. Short chapters are paired with free interactive online exercises to teach the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. Written for beginners, useful for experienced developers who want to sharpen their skills. Prepares the reader to code a website of medium complexity. The learner spends two to three times as long practicing as he does reading. Based on cognitive research showing that retention increases 400 percent when learners are challenged to retrieve the information they just read. Explanations are in plain, nontechnical English that people of all backgrounds can readily understand. With ample coding examples and illustrations.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. HTML & CSS
Chapter 2. Creating paragraphs
Chapter 3. Creating headings
Chapter 4. Specifying fonts
Chapter 5. Linking your CSS to your HTML
Chapter 6. Specifying a font-size
Chapter 7. CSS classes
Chapter 8. Classes not tied to an element
Chapter 9. Font-weight
Chapter 10. Font-style
Chapter 11. Styling bits and pieces
Chapter 12. Colors
Chapter 13. Spacing
Chapter 14. Aligning text
Chapter 15. First-line indent and blockquote
Chapter 16. Margins
Chapter 17. Borders
Chapter 18. Padding
Chapter 19. Inheritance
Chapter 20. Grouping
Chapter 21. ID
Chapter 22. Div
Chapter 23. Images
Chapter 24. Block vs. inline
Chapter 25. Adding more info to the image tag
Chapter 26. Positioning an image
Chapter 27. Centering an image
Chapter 28. Floating images
Chapter 29. Links
Chapter 30. Link addresses
Chapter 31. Linking to a location on a page
Chapter 32. Opening a new window
Chapter 33. Styling links
Chapter 34. Clickable images
Chapter 35. Image maps part 1
Chapter 36. Image maps part 2
Chapter 37. Bullet lists and numbered lists
Chapter 38. Styling lists
Chapter 39. Styling a list’s markers
Chapter 40. More CSS selectors
Chapter 41. Tables: basic structure
Chapter 42. Tables: headings
Chapter 43. Tables: spanning columns and rows
Chapter 44. Tables: borders
Chapter 45. Tables: spacing part 1
Chapter 46. Tables: spacing part 2
Chapter 47. Tables: aligning text
Chapter 48. Tables: background-color
Chapter 49. Forms: the form tag
Chapter 50. Forms: text input
Chapter 51. Forms: textarea
Chapter 52. Forms: submit
Chapter 53. Forms: radio buttons
Chapter 54. Forms: checkboxes
Chapter 55. Forms: select box
Chapter 56. Forms: label
Chapter 57. Grouping related elements
Chapter 58. Forms: styling
Chapter 59. Comments
Chapter 60. Layout: nested boxes
Chapter 61. Layout: divs
Chapter 62. Layout: div widths and centering
Chapter 63. Layout: side-by-side divs
Chapter 64. Layout: a modern header part 1
Chapter 65. Layout: a modern header part 2
Chapter 66. Layout: a modern header part 3
Chapter 67. Layout: a modern header part 4
Chapter 68. Layout: a modern header part 5
Chapter 69. A vertical navigation bar part 1
Chapter 70. A vertical navigation bar part 2
Chapter 71. A vertical navigation bar part 3
Chapter 72. A vertical navigation bar part 4
Chapter 73. A vertical navigation bar part 5
Chapter 74. A horizontal navigation bar part 1
Chapter 75. A horizontal navigation bar part 2
Chapter 76. Background images part 1
Chapter 77. Background images part 2
Chapter 78. Iframes
Chapter 79. Embedding youtube videos
Chapter 80. Further customizing youtube videos
Chapter 81. Embedding vimeo videos
Chapter 82. Audio
Chapter 83. Ems vs. percentages vs. pixels
Chapter 84. Relative and static positioning
Chapter 85. Z-index
Chapter 86. Media queries
Chapter 87. Min- and max-width, min- and max-height
Chapter 88. The stuff at the top

Book Details

  • Author:
  • Pages: 238 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2015-03-11
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: B00ULX5FT2

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