Maya 6 Revealed (Naked) (by Kelly L. Murdock)

Author(s): Kelly L. Murdock

Publisher: Cengage Learning PTR
Publish date: 2004-07-22
ISBN-10: 1592003656
ISBN-13: 9781592003655
Language: English
Description: "Maya 6 Revealed" shows readers how to use this popular 3D
modeling, animation and rendering package. 3D graphics such as
those created using Maya have appeared in movies, television and
games and as the demand for these types of images increase, so will
the number of 3D artists wishing to learn these skills. A book
focused on beginners that offers quality content in a smooth and
relaxed style will appeal to this broad audience and enable them to
gain the skills they desire. This book's approach is to present
quality content with a modest price point written by an experienced

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