Mastering Excel: User Forms

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This lesson covers user interfaces. Most Excel models are content with having users type in a number or text in a cell and then the formulas use that input.

There are more user friendly way to interact with your users. In this lesson you will learn how to include option buttons, scroll bars, check boxes and other user form objects to give your users a familiar way to interact with Excel. You will also learn how to use new formulas (not covered in previous lessons) that connect the form objects with the data in the workbook.

This lesson comes with two follow along workbooks so you can practice as you read the text.

All images are taken in Excel 2013 but the material should work with Excel 2007 and upwards. This material was written for the beginning Excel user in mind. The lesson is for Excel for Windows.

Table of Contents

  1. Using Forms
  2. Excel Model Data Structure
  3. Form Objects

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