Management, 6th Edition

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We live in dynamic times and business as usual is no longer an option. Management students must be well prepared to manage modern, ever-changing organisations.

The new 6th edition of Management is once again a resource at the leading edge of thinking and research for this dynamic discipline. Blending management theory with inspiring and innovative management practices, Robbins shows managers and organisations how to meet their economic, environmental and social responsibilities.

Management 6e is accompanied by a flexible and completely revised suite of instructor and student resources designed to encourage critical thinking, make management concepts meaningful, and excite students about the possibilities of a career in management.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Introduction
Chapter 1 Introduction to organisations and management
Chapter 2 Management yesterday and today

Part 2 Defining the manager’s terrain
Chapter 3 Environment and organisational culture:The constraints
Chapter 4 Managing in a global environment
Chapter 5 Social responsibility and managerial ethics
Chapter 6 Managing change and innovation

Part 3 Planning
Chapter 7 Decision making: The essence of amanager’s job
Chapter 8 Foundations of planning
Chapter 9 Strategic management

Part 4 Organising
Chapter 10 Organisational structure and design
Chapter 11 Managers and communication
Chapter 12 Human resource management

Part 5 Leading
Chapter 13 Understanding individual behaviour
Chapter 14 Understanding groups and teams
Chapter 15 Motivating employees
Chapter 16 Leadership

Part 6 Controlling
Chapter 17 Foundations of control
Chapter 18 Managing operations

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