Fundamentals of Business Law: Summarized Cases, 8th Edition

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Brief and affordable, FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS LAW: SUMMARIZED CASES focuses on core business law topics, including contracts and sales. Summarized cases are integrated throughout the text to illustrate key points of law. FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS LAW: SUMMARIZED CASES is ideal for the one-term course that focuses primarily on contracts and sales.

Table of Contents

Unit 1: The Legal Environment Of Business
Chapter 1: The Legal And Constitutional Environment Of Business
Chapter 2: Traditional And Online Dispute Resolution
Chapter 3: Ethics And Business Decision Making
Unit One: Extended Case Study: Vo V. City Of Garden Grove

Unit 2: Torts And Crimes
Chapter 4: Torts And Cyber Torts
Chapter 5: Intellectual Property And Internet Law
Chapter 6: Criminal Law And Cyber Crime
Unit Two: Extended Case Study: Medimmune, Inc. V. Genentech, Inc

Unit 3: Contracts
Chapter 7: Nature And Classification
Chapter 8: Agreement And Consideration
Chapter 9: Capacity And Legality
Chapter 10: Defenses To Contract Enforceability
Chapter 11: Third Party Rights And Discharge
Chapter 12: Breach And Remedies
Chapter 13: E- Contracts And E-Signatures
Unit Three: Extended Case Study: Friezo V. Friezo

Unit 4: Sales And Lease Contracts
Chapter 14: The Formation Of Sales And Lease Contracts
Chapter 15: Title And Risk Of Loss
Chapter 16: Performance And Breach Of Sales And Lease Contracts
Chapter 17: Warranties And Product Liability
Unit Four: Extended Case Study: Greene V. A. P. Products, Ltd

Unit 5: Negotiable Instruments
Chapter 18: Negotiability, Transferability, And Liability
Chapter 19: Checks And Banking In The Digital Age
Unit Five: Extended Case Study: Prestridge V. Bank Of Jena

Unit 6: Debtor-Creditor Relationships
Chapter 20: Security Interests In Personal Property
Chapter 21: Creditors’ Rights And Bankruptcy
Unit Six : Extended Case Study: Central Virginia Community College V. Katz

Unit 7: Employment Relations
Chapter 22: Agency Relationships
Chapter 23: Employment And Immigration Law
Unit Seven: Extended Case Study: Batte-Holmgren V. Commissioner Of Public Health

Unit 8: Business Organizations
Chapter 24: Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, And Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 25: Corporate Formation, Financing, And Termination
Chapter 26: Corporate Directors, Officers, And Shareholders
Chapter 27: Investor Protection, Insider Trading, And Corporate Governance
Unit Eight: Extended Case Study: United States V. Bhagat

Unit 9: Property And Its Protection
Chapter 28: Personal Property And Bailments
Chapter 29: Real Property And Landlord-Tenant Law
Chapter 30: Insurance, Wills, And Trusts
Unit Nine: Extended Case Study: In Re Estate Of Robertson

Unit 10: Special Topics
Chapter 31: Liability Of Accountants And Other Professionals
Chapter 32: International Law In A Global Economy
Unit Ten: Extended Case Study: Dole Food Co. V. Patrickson

Appendix A: How To Brief Cases And Analyze Case Problems
Appendix B: The Constitution Of The United States
Appendix C: The Uniform Commercial Code (Excerpts)
Appendix D: The Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002 (Excerpts And Explanatory Comments)
Appendix E: Sample Answers For End-Of-Chapter Hypothetical Questions With Sample Answers

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