The Respect Effect: Using the Science of Neuroleadership to Inspire a More Loyal and Productive Workplace

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What does every employee want? In a word: RESPECT

The best leaders are the ones who motivate employees to want to perform at the highest level possible–which is never accomplished with an iron-fist style of management. The best results are achieved through one of the most basic human behaviors: the showing of respect.

Organizational change expert Paul Meshanko has studied how the human brain responds in various workplace situations–and his conclusion is astonishing: People perform at their highest level when treated with respect. Conversely, when an employee is emotionally attacked by disrespectful behavior, he or she shuts down. In The Respect Effect, Meshanko reveals the transformational power of respect in the workplace.

Given the pressures of the workplace, this is sometimes easier said than done. So Meshanko provides a practical action plan you can use to train yourself or others to get on track–and stay on track. His proven strategy helps you understand the initial, biological reactions to what people (This means you!) say and do.

Through his cited research in neuroscience, Meshanko teaches you how to create positive situations, avoid negative ones, and ultimately build a better work environment for everyone. The Respect Effect explains:

  • The hard science proving why respect is the most powerful employee motivator
  • How to build a corporate culture based on respect, starting with senior leadership
  • The 12 Rules of Respect–simple but powerful ways to communicate respectfully in any situation
  • The strategy, resource requirements, and tools for sustaining a respectful workplace culture

How do you use the concept of neuroscience to achieve a great work environment? The answer is obvious. Feed others a diet of respect–real, deserved, genuine respect–and you will see amazing things happen in your organization.

Use Meshanko’s proven approach to organizational change to create a culture of contagious respect in your organization.


The Respect Effect reminds us of the critical role relationships play in the workforce. . . . A great read for new and experienced leaders!” — ANNEMARIE M. GRASSI, PH.D., CEO, Open Doors Academy

The Respect Effect offers concise, engaging learning, not only for business leaders, but for anyone working in an organization where developing an inclusive and productive work environment is a priority. Respect is a powerful principle for businesses to understand and practice–this book will contribute much to its advancement.” — RICK CHIRICOSTA, President and CEO, Medical Mutual

“[Meshanko] shows how demonstrating respect to employees leads to better health and well-being for both the organization and the individual. Whether you are a supervisor, manager, VP, or small business owner, The Respect Effect will make you a more effective leader.” — PAUL MARCIANO, PH.D., author, Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work

“In The Respect Effect, Paul Meshanko shows that respect is the foundation for interpersonal trust, revealing why high-trust organizations are successful. The step-by-step process Meshanko outlines to cultivate and nurture respect provides a new leverage point to increase employee satisfaction and productivity.” — PAUL J. ZAK, PH.D., author, The Moral Molecule

“Paul’s book inspires us to keep our focus and gives us concrete behaviors for living the attributes of The Respect Effect.” — RALPH STAYER, owner and CEO, Johnsonville Sausage, LLC

Table of Contents

PART I The Road to Respect
CHAPTER 1: A Transformational Power
CHAPTER 2: Connected Through Evolution
CHAPTER 3: Our Brains on Respect
CHAPTER 4: The Destructive Power of Disrespect
CHAPTER 5: Why We Treat Each Other Poorly

PART II Tools for Building Respectful Work Cultures
CHAPTER 6: Respect Starts with Awareness
CHAPTER 7: The 12 Rules of Respect
CHAPTER 8: Changing Behavior Is the Key
CHAPTER 9: Self-Esteem: The Art of Respecting Ourselves
CHAPTER 10: Integrity: The Glue That Holds Respect Together

PART III The Path Forward
CHAPTER 11: A Blueprint for Respectful Organizations
CHAPTER 12: Respect Outside of Work

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  • Pages: 224 pages
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  • Publication Date: 2013-08-15
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  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0071816097
  • ISBN-13: 9780071816090

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