Financial Accounting, 9th Edition

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Financial Accounting helps readers “nail” the accounting cycle!

Financial Accounting helps readers “nail” the accounting cycle up front in order to increase success and retention later on. The concepts and mechanics readers learn in the critical ‘accounting cycle’ chapters are used consistently and repetitively—and with clear-cut details and explanations—throughout the remainder of the text, minimizing confusion.

This edition features a new user-oriented approach along with many new problems, exercises, and analysis questions.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Financial Statements
Chapter 2 Transacti on Analysis
Chapter 3 Accrual Accounting & Income
Chapter 4 Internal Control & Cash
Chapter 5 Short-Term Investments & Receivables
Chapter 6 Inventory & Cost of Goods Sold
Chapter 7 Plant Assets, Natural Resources, & Intangibles
Chapter 8 Long-Term Investments & the Time Value of Money
Chapter 9 Liabilities
Chapter 10 Stockholders’ Equity
Chapter 11 The Income Statement, the Statement of Comprehensive Income, & the Statement of Stockholders’ Equity
Chapter 12 The Statement of Cash Flows
Chapter 13 Financial Statement Analysis

Appendix A: 2010 Annual Report
Appendix B: RadioShack 2010 Annual Report
Appendix C: Typical Charts of Accounts for Different Types of Businesses
Appendix D: Summary of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
Appendix E: Summary of Differences Between U.S. GAAP and IFRS Cross Referenced to Chapter

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