Digital Filmmaking for Teens (by Gerald Everett Jones, Pete Shaner)

Author(s): Gerald Everett Jones, Pete Shaner

Publisher: Course Technology PTR
Publish date: 2004-12-08
ISBN-10: 1592006035
ISBN-13: 9781592006038
Language: English
Description: Within just the last few years, it's become possible for anyone
with a personal computer and an inexpensive camcorder to shoot,
edit, and publish a movie or music video. Knowing the secret tricks
of the Hollywood pros enables readers to reproduce many of the
shots and effects you've seen in blockbuster movies. Not yet fully
realized, the "democratization of video" may well be one of the
most significant social phenomena of the early 21st century. For
example, more video footage exists for the morning of 9/11 than for
any event in human history-not because of the news crews, but
because of the prevalence of consumer DV camcorders on the scene.
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