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Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, 11th Edition

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Clearly explains the basic concepts, strategies, and tactics of today’s public relations practice Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics uses real-world case studies and examples to explain the basic concepts and theory behind modern public relations practice. This comprehensive text is grounded in scholarship and includes references to landmark studies and time-honored public relations techniques. The writing is geared to undergraduates, and many colorful charts and photos are used to enhance major concepts.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Role
Chapter 1: Defining Public Relations
Chapter 2: The Evolution and History of Public Relations
Chapter 3: Ethical Considerations and the Role of Professional Bodies
Chapter 4: The Practice of Public Relations

Part 2: Process
Chapter 5: The Role and Scope of Research in Public Relations
Chapter 6: The Public Relations Process
Chapter 7: Communication Concepts and Practice in Public Relations
Chapter 8: Evaluation and Measurement of Public Relations Programs

Part 3: Strategy
Chapter 9: Public Opinion: Role, Scope, and Implications
Chapter 10: Conflict Management and Crisis Communication
Chapter 11: Audiences
Chapter 12: Laws and Applications

Part 4: Tactics
Chapter 13: Internet and Social Media: Role & Scope in Public Relations
Chapter 14: Media Relations Management: Print Media
Chapter 15: Media Relations Management: Electronic Media
Chapter 16: Event Management

Part 5: Application
Chapter 17: Communicating Corporate Affairs
Chapter 18: Public Relations in Entertainment, Sports, and Tourism
Chapter 19: Public Relations in Government
Chapter 20: Global Public Relations in an Interdependent World
Chapter 21: Public Relations in Non-Profit, Health, and Education Sectors

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