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Law & Ethics in the Business Environment, 6th Edition

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Modern business is full of ethical dilemmas and snares. But LAW AND ETHICS IN THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT, 6e, equips you with the tools and practice you need to effectively handle the ethical issues you will likely face as a manager. Offering a unique interdisciplinary blend of theory and practical applications, LAW AND ETHICS combines up-to-the-minute issues in business ethics with the latest in case law. A refreshing change from the rote learning of many texts, LAW and ETHICS includes contemporary readings, current cases, historical quotes, chapter problems, chapter projects, and Internet-based assignments. A wealth of interactive projects–including role plays, mock trials, mock hearings, debates, roundtables, and negations–gives you hands-on experience grappling with real-life ethical dilemmas. The text also includes insightful case and end-of-chapter questions that help sharpen your critical-thinking skills. LAW AND ETHICS IN THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT, 6e, empowers you with the skills needed to make difficult ethical decisions–and ultimately become a better business leader.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Law, Ethics, Business: An Introduction
Chapter 2 The Duty of Loyalty: Whistleblowing
Chapter 3 Privacy and Technology
Chapter 4 Valuing Diversity: Stereotyping Vs. Inclusion
Chapter 5 Workers Rights As Human Rights: Health and Safety in the Workplace
Chapter 6 Sustainable Economies: Global Environmental Protection
Chapter 7 Marketing and Technology: Choice and Manipulation
Chapter 8 Risk Allocation: Products Liability
Chapter 9 Ownership and Creativity: Intellectual Property

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