Getting Started with Unity 5 (by Dr. Edward Lavieri)

Author(s): Dr. Edward Lavieri

Categories: Computers > Programming
Publisher: Packt Publishing – ebooks Account
Publish date: 2015-05-29
ISBN-10: 1784398314
ISBN-13: 9781784398316
Language: English
Leverage the power of Unity 5 to create amazing 3D games

About This Book

Learn to create interactive games with the Unity 5 game

Explore advanced features of Unity 5 to help make your games
more appealing and successful

A step-by-step guide giving you the perfect start to
developing games with Unity 5

Who This Book Is For

If you are a game developer interested in learning Unity 3D from
scratch and becoming familiar with its core features, then this
book is for you. No prior knowledge of Unity 3D is required.

In Detail

This book will guide you through the entire process of creating a
3D… more…

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