Think #Digital First (by Warren Knight)

Author(s): Warren Knight

Publisher: Filament Publishing
Publish date: 2015-04-28
ISBN-10: 1910125989
ISBN-13: 9781910125984
Language: English
Description: 'Think #Digital First' is essentially a step-by-step guide designed
for creative entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales and
marketing managers that shares with them the importance of having
the right mindset to focus on technology, sales and marketing.
Understanding your strengths to building the right team around you
and knowing the different platforms, social networks and the right
digital tools are so important when integrating them into your
sales and marketing to help you market your brand online, saving
time and getting sales to grow your business. An entrepreneur's
first step to building a socially-savvy business is accepting that
you are… more…

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