Third Circle Theory: Purpose Through Observation (by Pejman Ghadimi)

Author(s): Pejman Ghadimi

Publisher: Secret Entourage
Publish date: 2013-02-02
ISBN-10: 0985601337
ISBN-13: 9780985601331
Language: English

The Third Circle Theory does a great job at breaking down
the different stages that a successful entrepreneur goes
through throughout his journey to the top. There is advice
for people who are just starting out and for people who are
in the middle of it. As a successful entrepreneur myself, I
agreed with most of the points made, whether it's about how
to view the world, trying to understand what people's motives
are, or how to differentiate between being confident and
being arrogant. The book finishes off by explaining what to
do when you have been successful, and that's the part… more…

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