Extending Puppet (by Alessandro Franceschi)

Author(s): Alessandro Franceschi

Publisher: Packt Publishing – ebooks Account
Publish date: 2014-07-24
ISBN-10: 178398144X
ISBN-13: 9781783981441
Language: English
Design, manage, and deploy your Puppet architecture with the help
of real-world scenarios


Plan, test, and execute your Puppet deployments

Write reusable and maintainable Puppet code

Handle challenges that might arise in upcoming versions of

Explore the Puppet ecosystem in-depth, through a hands-on,
example driven approach

In Detail

Puppet has changed the way we manage our systems, but Puppet
itself is changing and evolving, as are the ways in which we use

A clear, updated, practical, and focused view of the current
state of the technology and the evolution of Puppet is what… more…

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