Interpersonal Communication, 2nd Edition

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Kory Floyd’s approach to interpersonal communication stems from his research on the positive impact of communication on our health and well-being. Interpersonal Communication, 2e demonstrates how effective interpersonal communication can make students’ lives better. With careful consideration given to the impact of computer-mediated communication, the program reflects the rapid changes of the modern world in which today’s students live and interact. The program also helps students understand and build interpersonal skills and choices for their academic, personal, and professional lives.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Fundamentals Of Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 1 About Communication
Chapter 2 Culture And Gender
Chapter 3 Communication And The Self
Chapter 4 Interpersonal Perception

Part 2 Interpersonal Communication Skills In Action
Chapter 5 Language
Chapter 6 Nonverbal Communication
Chapter 7 Listening
Chapter 8 Emotion

Part 3 Dynamics Of Interpersonal Relationships
Chapter 9 Interpersonal Communication In Friendships And Professional Relationships
Chapter 10 Interpersonal Communication In Romantic And Family Relationships
Chapter 11 Interpersonal Conflict
Chapter 12 Deceptive Communication

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